stephane prud'homme

Entrepreneur. Consultant. Lecturer.





  • PhD(c) in Business Administration/Marketing
    • University of Saint Joseph, Macao
    • Credibility, Reputation, Branding, Leadership.
  • MBA (2009)
    • Rutgers Business School in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore
    • International Marketing
  • MA in Organizational Communication (2003)
    • UQAM, Canada
    • Corporate Spokespersons' Credibility
  • BA summa cum laude in Social Psychology (1996)
    • UQAC, Canada





Advisor to Boards of Directors, CEOs, Business Leaders, and KOLs.


I have 23 years of experience (including 8 years in Asia), in startups, int'l agencies & Canadian large corporations, in Global Strategy, Traditional & Online Public Relations and Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Spokesperson's & Corporate Credibility, Crisis Management & Reputation Management, Corporate Communication, eBranding & eReputation for Startups, eCommerce in China and SouthEast Asia.


I study the credibility construct for the past 13 years, through a Master Degree on corporate spokespersons’ credibility in crisis situations and a doctoral research on executives’ credibility and corporate reputation.


I advise to Boards of Directors, CEOs, and Business Leaders on:


  • CEO Activism | CEO Positioning.
  • Building Credibility and Reputation in new markets
  • Credibility and Reputation management under uncertainty
  • Credibility and Reputation management during M&A
  • Credibility management during organisational changes
  • Reputation strategy for Boards of Directors
  • Rebuilding damaged Credibility and Reputation after crisis
  • Reputation management and strategy for SMEs and startups in China and SE Asia
  • Leaders' Credibility and Reputation Powerhouse


I have previously worked for major national corporations in Canada, as Strategic Counselor and National Manager. I have supervised around 450 events and 100+ communication, media relations, and marketing plans. I have been interviewed and quoted 400+ times on major Canadian radio, television networks, and newspapers, as well as on local media around the country.


I am the Founder or Co-Founder:


  • Credibility Institute (2016)
  • Réputation & cie
  • C.I. (Asia) Limited (2016)
  • Canada Mall Limited (2012)
  • COMprehension Group (2012)
  • InfiniteLatitude (2010)
  • 180 degrees | digital strategies inc. (2007)
  • 180 degrees | global management inc. (2007)
  • Public Relations Without Borders LLC (2006)
  • International Association Business Communicators, Beijing Chapter (2008)
  • Marchés de Noël de Joliette-Lanaudière inc. (2007)
  • Association des attachés de presse du Québec (2001)
  • Montreal Community Volunteer Coordinators Symposium (1998)


I have been appointed “Ambassador of University of Quebec in Montreal” in 2010, to mark my outstanding career, my contribution to the growth of my working industry, as well as to the UQAM’s prestige.


In 2005, I came with the idea of founding Public Relations Without Borders; two years later, the NGO was set up with the collaboration of a PR professionals group, the volunteers do humanitarian missions in Africa, South America and India since then.


I have also collaborated with the Research Center for Media relations foundation within the Chair in Public Relations (University of Quebec in Montreal); I assumed its leadership from 2003 to 2005. I trained 1,000+ professionals in Canada, in Europe, in China and Hong Kong & held a Corporate Trainer Certification from the Quebec Government Ministry of Labour & Employment 2007-2015.


I am now Managing Director and Adjunct Professor of practice at the Credibility Institute.